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Do Not Resuscitate(DNR) orders into OMOP

(Jungmi Han) #1

I’m trying to add Do Not Resuscitate(DNR) orders into OMOP data model and wondering what domain I should put them into. Do they belong to Observation table? I would like to know how other institutions handling DNR orders.

@Christian_Reich, @MPhilofsky could you please share your thoughts?

Also, I see 2 DNR orders OMOP concept ids but they are from Meas Value domain. Are these right concept ids to use?

| concept_id | concept_name | domain_id | vocabulary_id | concept_class_id |
| 36310723 | Do not resuscitate (DNR) order | Meas Value | LOINC | Answer |
| 45883013 | DNR orders | Meas Value | LOINC | Answer |

(Dave Barman) #2

I agree with you, it makes the most sense in the Observation table.

(Christian Reich) #3

Use this: Do not resuscitate status with supporting documentation

(Jungmi Han) #4

@Christian_Reich, Thanks!

(Acoltri) #5

Does this imply a “Do not resuscitate” or just that the ‘DNR status’ is documented.
With the value of the status being stored in ‘value as concept’ as
4119499 Not for resuscitation
4126324 For resuscitation

In other words the documentation can be Yes for resuscitation or No. (and actually lots of other variants (do not intubate, etc.)