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Do big companies use ATLAS? If so, are there vendors who support this code?

We are an OMOP shop and I think ATLAS is a great tool. However, the architects are worried about it being open-source with no support. Also, it is written in Java which is a language that most of our engineers do not know very well.

Are there big companies that use ATLAS? If so, how do they support it? Are new features needed often? Or is the product mature enough that it doesn’t need a lot of care and feeding?

hey Nick.

Yes, big companies do use this tool. And practically all share the same concerns as you raised - support and maintenance of the tool, vulnerabilities, is there roadmap and strategy etc…

Our company (Odysseus) is one of the most active ATLAS developers. We offer several services to help ATLAS organizations:

  • Provide ATLAS engineering service e.g. developing new features, enhancements etc…
  • Offers deployment and engineering maintenance service to our customers
  • Offer ATLAS / OHDSI training
  • and more

There is also a commercial 100% compatible ATLAS alternative that is available.

If interested to find out more, please send me a quick email to gregory.klebanov@odysseusinc.com and we can set up a quick intro call?

Also, there is a weekly ATLAS Working Group where we discuss ATALS development, please join us!