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Dissolve and code nested questions

Hello, I am currently trying to map a questionnaire that assesses various contacts of the patient with the health care system. The problem that I frequently encounter in that questionnaire are nested questions (multiple questions regarding the same contact with the health care system).

For example:

  1. Have you been to an ambulatory or stationary rehabilitation facility in the past 6 months? (possible answers: Yes/No)
  2. Was is ambulatory or stationary? (possible answers: ambulatory/stationary)
  3. In total, how many days did you stay at the rehabilitation facility?

What I did:

  1. I coded the first question with the observation_concept_id 4138939 [Admission to rehabilitation department].
  2. Regarding the second question, I gave each category a qualifier value [4114508 - ambulatory; 4113275 - stationary], thus summarizing the first and second question into one.
  3. I could not find a concept id for “duration of rehabilitation” or similar formulations. I only found a qualifier value 42538822 (duration). But coding that question as a qualifier value as well does not work in the implementation.

Do you have any suggestions how I could code this set of questions?

Thank you very much!

Hello, my suggestion would be to map the 3rd question to concept_id=40758261 [Number of days of rehabilitative or restorative techniques], if it matches meaning correctly.
If it does not, it may be better to map it to event. More info can be found here and here