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Discharge & admit concept set move from the Meas Value domain to Visit

The discharge_to concept set comes from LOINC with concept_class = Answer. These are answers to the concept_id = 46236985, Hospital discharge disposition [NHCS]. The concept originates from the CDC’s NHCS.

The admitted_from concept set has answers from concept_id = 46236991, Patient Point of origin [NHCS].

The above concepts and their associated answers are in the Measurement and Meas Value domain, but they describe Visit attributes. Can we move these over to the Visit domain?

Currently, we lose granularity when we custom map our source values to standard concepts in the Visit domain. The biggest offenders are concept_ids 21498613, Discharged/Transferred to a short-term General Hospital for Inpatient Care with a planned Acute Care Hospital readmission and 21498757, Discharged to a Designated Cancer Center or Children’s Hospital and other concepts very similar to these. Both of these I have mapped to the generic Hospital.

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Hi @MPhilofsky ,
Ask @Vojtech_Huser , @Polina_Talapova .

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