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Differentiating between Systolic & Diastolic metrics (Orthostatic hypotension)

As this layman understands, orthostatic hypotension can be diagnosed by a difference in blood pressure between seated (or lying) and standing ≥ of 20mm Systolic or ≥ 10mm Diastolic.

I am confused about how to utilize Measurement_Concept_ID 3044920 Orthostatic blood pressure (LOINC:34538-9) which might be in some EHR data on which we’ll be doing secondary analysis.

I was expecting to see distinct Measurement Concepts for recording the Systolic and Diastolic differences. How are Δ SBP and ΔDBP differentiated?

Thanks, GP

Hi @Pulver!
I don’t know how does your data looks like, but if you have measurement data from each study, there are LOINC concepts for each study: LOINC 34553-8 — Orthostatic blood pressure panel or SNOMED concepts: Athena Athena Athena Athena
Or your data are calculated delta, and you have no raw measurments?