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Dexamethasone Cohort Building

(Amos Folarin) #1

Hi, I’m a Health Informatics Researcher / Software Developer – I’m somewhat new to OMOP/OHDSI. But have worked on a wide range of clinical informatics projects.

We are looking at working on Dexamethasone. I’m interested in anyone putting together a cohort to look at potential adjuvants of this? Happy to discuss further details on how this might be achieved.


(Keesvanbochove) #2

Welcome Amos - @Daniel_Prieto there was a recent NIHR trial with some really intriguing results for this drug (https://www.nihr.ac.uk/news/first-drug-to-reduce-mortality-in-hospitalised-patients-with-respiratory-complications-of-covid-19-found/25061), do you think there are any observational study designs that we could use across the OHDSI COVID-19 databases to further study the efficacy of this drug for impacting COVID-19 outcomes?

(Daniel Prieto-Alhambra) #3

hi guys I’m well aware as the study is led from across the road (NDPH Oxford University). Systemic corticosteroids are already included in the Scylla protocol (here). I am therefore happy to announce this is already at hand and will be evaluated as part of our large-scale study!

(Amos Folarin) #4

Thanks @keesvanbochove!
Hi @Daniel_Prieto – glad to hear this is underway, seems like an important result. The reason I initially reached out to Kees is there’s a group here at KCL trying to look at Vitamin D potentially in combination with Dex (there’s some prior work on these), I thought it might be to see if there’s scope to investigate here (I note Vit.D is on the list). We’d would want 25(OH) Vitamin D levels of hospitalised COVID-19 patients and ideally details of prescribed steroids together with clinical outcomes. Happy to do some introductions if this is of interest?