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Device WG: Vocabulary questions around devices

(Vojtech Huser) #1

ICD9Proc terms have mapping to SNOMED using the following relationships

 Using device       510
 Has dir device     399
 Using acc device   131
 Using subst         73
 Has dir subst       59
 Has proc device     34
 Has indir device     1

In 2015 - US transitioned to ICD10-PCS
Q1: Are there plans to map similarly ICD10-PCS terms?

We are also trying to understand ETL logic for procedural billing data (inpatient and outpatient) and the question is:
Q2: When exactly a row in DEVICE_EXPOSURE is triggered ?

E.g., concepts such as

In Omop vocabualry, there seem to be extensive mapping for dm+d vocabulary. For a potential device WG study, we would need one more country to be mapped in the same way. For any users of the current dm+d mappings in devices domain - it would be interesting to hear from them…

(Vojtech Huser) #2

To ilustrate with an example

example 1
this CPT code
(does not map to self)

links to SNOMED procedure - insertion of arterial stent

Example 2
ICD10-PCS code 047K3Z1 drug coated (http://athena.ohdsi.org/search-terms/terms/2809385 )
(maps to self)

Example 3
ICD10-PCS 047K3D1 (bare metal stent) (http://athena.ohdsi.org/search-terms/terms/2839466 )
(maps to self)

Example 4
ICD-9-CM 39.90 Insertion of non-drug-eluting peripheral (non-coronary) vessel stent(s)
( http://athena.ohdsi.org/search-terms/terms/2002267)
(maps to self)
(in a way 3 and 4 are equivalent)

They both have the following relationship
#3 Has direct device (SNOMED) = Stent
#4 Has direct device (SNOMED) = Stent