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Device presence as oppposed to placement

Hello. I’m a member of the new eye care and vision research working group and looking at standard eye exam data elements for the presence of devices, such as a tube shunt for glaucoma. In the CDM tube shunt would fit in the device table but we also want to account for observations where the tube shunt was noted as being present but placed in an earlier visit. How is the presence of a device accounted for in the CDM?

There is no “standard way” to account for the presence of a device that was placed at an earlier visit. It is not an “use case” that comes up very often.

I was wrong, the second paragraph of the recent vocabulary release notes backs up @zhuk’s approach.

Hello, @Kerry_Goetz

Device present means that someone put it in there.
Try using History of procedure. For example, this concept. Note, that it is non-standard, but mapped to 2 Standard concepts: History of event + Insertion of drainage tube into anterior chamber.

So, working with History of + value you can cover a lot of use cases.

And to add to @zhuk answer, these data will reside in the Observation table. The date of each record is the date the “history of” event was recorded.