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Device_exposure.unit_concept_id in CDM6.0

I am presently working on a project involving blood products and understand that a decision was made that blood products belong in device_exposure. We are using CDM6.0, as we started prior to the suspension of its development.

What is the protocol for revising a table under CDM6.0? I would like to use the device_exposure.unit_concept_id field added in 5.4.

I don’t know whether there are other groups using 6.0. Are they just abandoning attempts to keep to the standard and customizing ad hoc? We would like to stay as close to compliance with standards as we can.



We have not gone to V6.0, yet. You can use it, but it is not supported. The next version is probably going to be V6.1. There is no release date set yet.


Thank you.

I guess that we have been seeking to adhere to a “standard” that is not actually considered a standard.

  1. In which forum would it be most appropriate to discuss “wishes” for 6.1?
  2. Can you give me a very rough idea (calendar quarter or year) of the anticipated timeframe for 6.1?