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Devcon 2022 Khieron Contributor

@Paul_Nagy Thanks for the wonderful webinar. I tried to apply for the Khieron Contributor Cohort. I get an error message when I click on the link to apply.

Please let me know, how I can apply.


Hi Priya,
This is odd, I just tested it and I was able to share my documents. Maybe it’s the type of document you are trying to share … I think it’s accepting PDFs and word documents, but were you sending something else?

I’ll make sure you can apply!


Is there a deadline for applications?

Hi Jordan,
I don’t believe one has been set, but I know they hoped to announce a cohort by the end of May. I think they will be taking applications for the next two weeks or so; if a deadline is set, I will announce it on the community calls and DevCon homepage.

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