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Dermatology specific terminologies?

Hi, All.
I am an informatician working on a skin/dermatology related research project for the first time, and I am really struggling with finding skin related vocabularies. SNOMED has some codes for some skin pathologies but not to the extent that is needed for describing normal skin or non-malignant skin conditions. Specifically at the moment, I am looking for codes related to patient provided assessments such as Cardiff Acne Disability Index (CADI) or Dermatology Life Quality Index (DLQI). Is there a dermatology vocabulary that is not a part of OMOP concepts that we should include?


If you can’t find it chances are we don’t have it. Please submit these indexes using the community contribution mechanism, and you will have it.

Unfortunately, this is my problem at the moment. I am not able to find any dermatology-specific terminology, not only in OMOP, but anywhere.

What’s wrong with this one? All you have to do is to combine the questions and answers and submit them through the community contribution. For example, you would create a concept “As a result of having acne, during the last month have you been aggressive, frustrated or embarrassed? - Very much indeed” as a concept in a new CADI vocabulary, which would be placed into the Measurement or Observation domain.


Oh, Are you saying that I can create a new vocabulary of concepts that are not in any standardized vocabulary and simply propose it to be added to the list of OMOP standard vocabularies?
I have not previously considered it and was only thinking to add it as a local custom vocabulary for our project.
I asked my original question to make sure that I am not overlooking an existing standardized vocabulary that was not added to OMOP. But I guess I can create a custom vocabulary and submit it as a community contribution if there is a community need for it.
Thank you, @Christian_Reich for your response.