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Department in Visit_Occurrence table

(Micheal ) #1

I would like to ask if the ‘department field’ which person has visited could be in visit table.
As NS(NeuroSurgery), GS(General Surgery), PD(PeDiatrics), OS(OrthoSurgery), PS(Plastic Surgery)…etc, I carefully suggest them in Visit table.

(Melanie Philofsky) #2

“Departments” are in the CARE_SITE table which has a FK to the VISIT_OCCURRENCE table.

(Micheal ) #3

There is no any ‘Department’ in the CARE_SITE table.
The only IP, OP facilities are there.

(Christian Reich) #4


For more detailed information what happens inside a visit please use VISIT_DETAIL.

(Micheal ) #5

I’ll look at them
Thank you @Christian_Reich