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Dentistry Workgroup 1 Year Anniversary

Hello, OHDSI!

Hello everyone! My name is Robert and I am the leader of the OHDSI Dentistry Workgroup. One year ago, our workgroup held its first meeting, and I am proud of the progress that the group has made.

Our 1 Year Meeting

Tomorrow, Thursday November 2 at 7PM ET, we will be hosting our one-year anniversary meeting. I invite you to join us and discover what our small work group has been up to in the past year and where we will be going.

Collaborate with us!

Whether you are a dental professional or brand new to the OHDSI community, you will find a welcoming group that is excited to explore the possibilities of observational research in oral health. Some of our ongoing projects you may be interested in and we will discuss tomorrow:

  • Observational Research in Dentistry: A Scoping Review- We are discovering what attempts have been made in dentistry toward using patient level data or a common data model. We are looking for reviewers
  • Mapping Dental Use Cases to the OMOP-CDM: Vocabulary and Common Data Model Evaluation- we mapped a dental use case to the OMOP-CDM and are planning use cases, phenotypes, and a network study! We are looking for people to join our study and looking for data partners
  • Establishing and Operating the OHDSI Dentistry Workgroup: A Model for Other Disciplines- we want to collaborate with other workgroups. We also want to talk to other medical specialties who may be thinking about making a workgroup or interest group of their own and share our experiences
  • A value proposition for the OMOP-CDM in dentistry and oral health applications- the value of the OMOP-CDM is clear to OHDSI, but most dental professionals do not know what can be achieved with observational research. So we are going to tell them.
  • Education and training for dental newcomers- you might be new to dentistry, you might be new to OHDSI. Either way, you have questions, and we want to point you to the right resources for answers or tell you ourselves
  • Speakers and guests- We like to learn things from interesting people (in our workgroup, from OHDSI, or from the outside) when we do not feel like working. Maybe you want to speak?

Thank you!

When I look back on our first year, I am struck by how quickly it went by and I am thankful for the opportunity to lead this group of dedicated scientists working for a better understanding of oral health. I sincerely appreciate the OHDSI leadership trusting me to lead the group. It has been a real treat and I invite you to join us on our journey to improve oral health!


  • Workgroup- Thursdays 7PM ET
  • Activity group- Tuesdays 7AM ET

Contact information if you have any questions


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