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Dental procedures - CDT terminology in US

Current Dental Terminology (CDT) is created by American Dental Association (ADA).
Medicaid data has a lot of dental procedures data. (in CDT)

CDT is similar to CPT4 in terms of having “strings attached.” CPT4 is protected by American Medical Association(AMA). CDT is protected by ADA.

However, for research use, it seems possible to use CPT4. Concept IDs are possible to know for each CPT4 code. (in “basic zone” of Athena)

I have following questions:

  1. Do you have experience with ADA and CDT and research context? As researcher, did you try to get CDT license in order to analyze data that comes as CDT codes? Is license necessary for research use of CDT?

  2. Can Athena vocabulary team comment on what I gain once I purchase CDT license. Is there mapping of CDT codes (in the “proprietary zone” of Athena)?

  3. Is CDT formally part of HCPCS (just like CPT4 is level 1 of HCPCS)? If it is, that makes research use easier. Researcher is simply using HCPCS codes.

They are just standard, i.e. mapping to themselfes.

It was a part.
You can see them as depracated HCPCS concepts
So CDT codes excluded from the HCPCS and exist as a separate vocabulary.