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Demo OMOP installation

Hi everyone,
I’m working on a OMOP installation for demonstration purpose and I was wondering if there is some ready-to-load data around the community.

I’m aware of the ETL synthea repository but as far as I know it demands to generate the synthetic data with Synthea and then running the ETL scripts on that data to generate the CSV files that are then loaded in the CDM.

I came across the ETL CMS repository and I read about already processed data that is hosted on ftp://ftp.ohdsi.org/synpuf. Unfortunately I can’t connect to the ftp server (maybe I need some special credentials?).

So my questions for the community are: am I missing something? Are there other ready-to-load data sources that I can use? I am guessing something wrong with the sources that I mentioned?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.