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Definition of CIPN

Hello everyone! I am trying to set a cohort definition of patients with chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy on Atlas. So far, to devise a concept set of CIPN, I have only come across to ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM codes of 357.6 and G62.0, respectively. I was wondering whether you have also investigated drug-induced pain and what retrieval strategy you have used.

You can do what you did and pull those concepts that explicitly assign the cause of the polyneuropathy to the influence of a drug (Polyneuropathy due to drug) and make sure you have exposure to ANTINEOPLASTIC AGENTS (chemo) prior to that. But those assignments are guesses. The polyneuropathy can be due to the cancer, or due to other reasons as well. So, I would just look for Polyneuropathy with chemo in a reasonable timely distance (perhaps up to 6 months prior).

Thanks a lot for the helpful input. In that case, would you recommend looking into Polyneuropathy including all the descendants?

Ah. Good point. Probably want to include all children, but then exclude a bunch which are by definition caused by something else. For example Congenital polyneuropathy, Familial amyloid polyneuropathy, Polyneuropathy caused by Borrelia species, etc.

Also, all descendants of ANTINEOPLASTIC AGENTS.

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Thank you very much again for your detailed response. I have a quick follow-up question: Which procedure codes of chemotherapy do you think would best capture the population in Optum claims? And do you think this would enable better capture of the population when added to the drug exposure criteria?