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Defining the cohort entry a given time before the cohort exit. How?


I have information about final events, laboratory diagnosis of lung cancer. (red mark)

And I want to retrieve the data backwards to create a model, not at a specific event occurrence but 45 days before the final diagnosis, and also include previous (1 year) information as covariates.

¿How can I define the target cohort using ATLAS?


It is not currently possible, but there is a feature in the works that will allow date offsets of entry events, so you could say something like ‘person enters cohort 45d prior to diagnosis of X’.

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I forgot that I also want to compare it with people having not suffered any lung cancer, just with 1 year information. I guess it’s not possible either.

No, it is possible. Your inclusion criteria is relative to the index (entry) date. So, if you have people entering at a diagnosis date, then you can also require that they have exactly 0 occurrences of lung cancer between 365d before and 0d before index.