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Defining cohort in ATLAS based on provider

Hi all,

I would like to create a cohort of patients, whose health care provider specialy is cardiology. I know that one could query such information from the provider table, but could not figure out how to implement that in ATLAS as such option does not seem to be available.

I would appreciate any suggestions.


Could you try a Visit criteria, with the Provider specialty set to the appropriate concept ID?

Provider concepts are not Visit concepts, @Chris_Knoll. Won’t work.

@mainguyen: what is the index criterion? When are the patients joining the cohort? You could use any Visit, and then go after the Providers as an inclusion criterion. But Atlas cannot do that, if I am not mistaken. You’d have to revert to SQL, or use a special Atlas that allows uploading of cohorts.

@Christian_Reich , @Christian_Reich , @Christian_Reich … how can you doubt me?

Yes, Provider concepts are not Visit concepts, but you can search for the visit that had the appropriate Provider specialty:

We’ve introduced visit detail as well that lets you search for provider specialty across all the details of a visit, so if you do have cases where multiple provider specialties are involved in a single visit, go to Visit Detail:

Btw: Visit Detail looks slightly different because we’ve been asked to move away from ‘list of concepts’ towards ‘pick a concept set’ for CONCEPT_ID fields. So visit detail you’ll need to create a concept set with the desired specialties.

@Chris_Knoll Is the “Visit Detail” a newly added feature on ATLAS, cause our current version does not have it yet :frowning: I tried with your first suggestion but got 0 in patient counts, which is impossible. I then changed the Entry event to this:

and it seems to work. However the number of records and number of persons are the same (which does not sound feasible to me given it’s cardiology associated).

@Christian_Reich I am trying to identify patients who initiate a drug after a visit to cardiology specialists. I see there are multiple ways to implement this, and am testing “Visit” as entry even

Any thoughts?

You are probably using ‘earliest event per person’, which is setting the cohort entry event to the first visit, and exits at end of observation. So, change your cohort to be ‘all events per person’, and then specify a duration of the entry event (something like ends 0 days after the event end date, the event being visits).

If you are sayign that you want a person to enter the cohort when they have a drug after the visit to the cardiology specialist, then make your entry event the drug, make an inclusion rule saying that there’s a prior visit with the specialist, and then make your cohort exit either at end of continuous observation, or after a fixed duration of time. Without knowing more about what youre cohort represents (remember: cohorts aren’t yes/no for people, cohorts are ‘when yes’).