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Deficiency/low measurement result


I’m considering our mapping of standard tests for vitamins. There is a recommended mapping for abnormal test results but that doesn’t capture the direction of the abnormality (i.e. it could be too high or too low). There are concepts for vitamin deficiencies - are these considered to be the correct mapping, or should it be analogous to the mapping of abnormal test results (i.e. two mappings, one to the measurement of the vitamin, and one to a “low” result)?



Hi @rsippy:

Not sure about the direction. If it is a deficiency then the level is below range. Otherwise it is a hypervitaminosis (which is rare, you’d have to eat a ton of vitamin tablets). For measurement_concept_id you pick the Serum vitamin D measurement or Calcidiol+Calciferol [Moles/volume] in Serum or Plasma and as value_as_concept_id something like Below threshold level to record the deficiency.

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