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Debugging Atlas and WebAPI - For beginners


(Selva) #1

Hello Everyone,

I have been using Atlas for a while now. Currently I am encountering this issue which may/may not be related to Atlas or WebAPI.

What I am looking for is some help in directing me to the places that I should look for when I encounter an error.

We currently use Postgresql db, cdm v5.3.1, Atlas & WebAPI 2.7.1

  1. What I usually do is “CTRL+SHIFT+I” (which I came to know from @Chris_Knoll) and with whatever I see there, I reach out to someone for help.

  2. Now I would like to investigate the issue beyond “CTRL+SHIFT+I”. meaning,I should be looking at WebAPI or Atlas source code? I see the architecture here.

So, I look in the below sequence?

b) Look at generated SQL in Atlas tabs (cases like when cohort generation fails)
c) Atlas source code
d) Web API java code
e) Web API database

  1. Not sure whether I have to look at all items above but can you let me know how can I get to items c,d and e?

I am not a developer just functional user but would like to better understand the error/reason for error so that I can provide full info to help people debug.

Currently I just know the role of WebAPI but haven’t really accessed it before. Is there any shortcuts or URL that I should be looking for to access the above items? If yes, can you share us the info on how to lauch WebAPI or see it’s java code and it’s database.

I also understand that error debugging may not necessarily follow well laid out path and errors could be due to any reasons that one may not be even aware of. But just wish to know how to access those items and locate the error prone areas