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Death mapping to the CDM table

The Github issue was raised concerning mapping of duplicative HCPCS concepts “Patients who died from cancer”. In the course of the regular HCPCS update we are going to solve this issue, and we suggest the following proposal.

Currently, we only map between concepts. But according to the CDM 5.4 convention “Death” in itself is not a concept, but a record in the “Death” table of CDM. Thus we suggest mapping of the concepts associated with death of a patient to the CDM table:

1147312 CDM368 death Table Standard Valid Metadata CDM

Essentially, this mapping may be applicable to the concept

4306655 419620001 Death Event Standard Valid Observation SNOMED

and its descendants.

Examples of potential source concepts are provided below:

1314522 G9849 Patients who died from cancer HCPCS Standard Valid Observation HCPCS
4253799 74332007 Death by asphyxiation Event Standard Valid Observation SNOMED
763386 440061000124105 Death in nursing home Event Standard Valid Observation SNOMED
4024541 10588007 Perinatal death Event Standard Valid Observation SNOMED

The cause of death will be additionally mapped to the Condition domain. The ETL team may use this mapping to trigger the creation of records in the “Death” table where applicable and extract the cause of death if the source concepts are mapped to “Death” and the Condition domain.
If a concept has to turn into a different type of record in the data model we also let the ETLer figure that out. What we could do is to start a convention where we link concepts representing tables and fields.

We would be glad to hear the Community’s opinion on this approach.

This is a valid problem in need of a solution. We may need a domain “Death” for this one concept. And it is probably a convention to be legislated by Themis. @MPhilofsky, @clairblacketer?

Yes, this is a Themis issue. BUT, how accurate are these data? We should test the real data before we think about updating the conventions

Did anyone ever compare the ICD9/10CM codes indicating death with actual Death records?