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"Day of Surgery" and "Ancillary" visit type in Visit occurrence table

Hello Everyone,

In our raw data from hospital, we have Visit type as “Day of Surgery”. However I don’t find any standardized terms to map this in OMOP. Can you please let me know as to how can it be done?

Similarly, I also have “Ancillary” under visit type and I have mapped it to “Laboratory visit” assuming that “Laboratory visit” usually supports in the treatment/diagnosis of a patient. Can you please help me in mapping these items?



This is a typical situation. Reason is that the definition of “Visit” varies widely in the community.

In OMOP lingo, you got:

  • “Day of Surgery” is two things: (i) a Inpatient or Outpatient Visit and (ii) Surgical Procedure. For the latter, if you have sufficient information in the PROCEDURE_OCCURRENCE table you are all set. Otherwise, if you don’t know what the surgery was, you can record 4301351 “Surgical procedure”

The problem is from “Day of Surgery” you don’t know if it is a hospital or ambulatory surgery. Unless you have more information from other fields you may have to guess it from the type of surgery. Let us know how far you get.

  • You may overstretch the meaning of “Laboratory Visit”. This was supposed to really only mean an interaction with a lab test. Usually, for patients, that is a visit to a lab with some blood draw. There is certainly no treatment or diagnosis. So, for “Ancillary” you find out from the source what that really need or map it to concept_id=0.