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DataQualityDashboard shiny app error

Hello everyone,

I have been getting the same error while trying to run the shiny app:


Loading required package: shiny
Loading required package: DatabaseConnector

Listening on
Warning: Error in : parse error: premature EOF

                 (right here) ------^

50: parse_string
49: parseJSON
48: parse_and_simplify
47: jsonlite::fromJSON
46: DataQualityDashboard::convertJsonResultsFileCase
45: observe [D:\OMOP\02_HZJZ_OMOP_model\Skripte\R_skripte\DataQualityDashboard-main\inst\shinyApps/app.R#6]
1: shiny::runApp

Can you please tell me how to solve this issue?

Kind regards,
Antea J

and running codeToRun.R I get this error:
Connecting using SQL Server driver
Error in .createErrorReport():
! Error executing SQL:
com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerException: Invalid object name ‘OMOP_CDM.cdm_source’.
An error report has been created at D:/OMOP/02_HZJZ_OMOP_model/Skripte/R_skripte/DataQualityDashboard-main/extras/errorReportSql.txt

object name should be OMOP_CDM, but I have never added .cdm_source in the name or other scripts.

Thank you in advance!

Not having this error problem anymore :slight_smile: