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"DataQualityDashboard" occurued error


Hi, I’m PARK .

I try to set up the “DataQualityDashboard” .
But It occurred error when I try 「DataQualityDashboard::writeJsonResultsToTable」 step

First of all It’s my environment.
-oracle DBMS: 12c
-R: 3.6

And it is about error.

I’m already successfully done below steps.

  1. 「DataQualityDashboard::executeDqChecks 」
  2. 「ParallelLogger::launchLogViewer」

So how can I successfully run 「DataQualityDashboard::writeJsonResultsToTable」?
Please solution.


I solved it!
In my error, I misunderstand about jsonFilePath.

After run 「executeDqChecks 」, it make output file of josn format.
you should input that’s path & file name.