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DataQualityDashboard : Errors in executeDqChecks.Ro

Hello, guys

We used OMOP-CDM v5.4 and downloaded DataQuality Dashboard(v2.0.0) from the site below to run this program.
(site :
However, when we ran it, there were some errors. We need help to solve this errors.

First, we looked up the log_DqDashboard and saw below the sentence(ERROR1):

  • ERROR1
    Dashboard 3 [Level : CONCEPT] [Check : plausibleGender] [CDM Table : NA] [CDM Field : CONDITION_CONCEPT_ID] ERROR executing SQL : org.postgresql.util.PSQLExecute

Secondly, we saw the error reports(ERROR2) :

  • ERROR2
    org.postgresql.util.PSQLException : error : syntax error, near “@”

Third, our dashboard score seems weird because verification are a few and validation scores are 0.
(I attached the image)

We considered that DataQualityDashboard did not recognize the CDM table name.
Anyone know any workarounds for these errors?


Hi there! Could you please share the script you ran to generate the DQD results (redacting anything you feel is sensitive)? This will help me assist you in debugging :slight_smile:

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I appreciated ur reply:)

We tried to solve the errors and then we found typo error in OMOP_CDMv5.4_Concept_Level.csv.

We edited and ran it again, and then finally we got the results of DataQualityDashboard sucessfully:)


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i want to know how much time when did you run(excutedqhecks)?

Sorry to find your question lately. I’m not sure how long it’s been run…
But you will probably see results in 2 hours or less.