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Database mapping in LATAM countries

Hello Workgroup - Latin America! thank you for your attendance to last week’s presentation by Juan Sebastian and myself on our project to map available secondary data sources in the region. If anyone is interested in pursuing this project of database mapping in Latin America and to participate in the publications with us please let us know via e-mail (juansebastian.franco@bayer.com and david.vizcaya@bayer.com) and/or here and/or MSTeams WG channel so we can schedule a catch-up to define scope, timelines and sharing platform. Lots of brain needed to understand the data obtained from Mexico, Brazil and Argentina systematic reviews!!! Tagging some potentially interested folks here to spread the call :slight_smile: : @jposada @rfherrerac @Marcela @pmadril @Tereza_Abrahao @gmachnic @tduarte

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