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Data Quality Dashboard not displaying results

After successfully running the Data Quality Dashboard tool and obtaining a JSON result file, I am unable to view the overview, metadata or results sections within the web browser.

Following the provided instructions, I have at least one entry in the CDM_SOURCE table, I have installed http-server via npm, the JSON has been renamed to “results.json” and placed in inst/shinyApps/www. However, running http-server or the viewDqDashboard command in R both launch a webpage that doesn’t display results (please see attached).

What might I be doing wrong that’s preventing the results from displaying?

hi Eddy,

If you use this docker made by Odysseus


I was able to visualize results with no issue.

Give it a try

I suggest you print the value for
jsonPath = file.path(getwd(), outputFolder, cdmSourceName, outputFile, cdmSourceName))
And confirm that is where the JSON file resides

Hi Don,

Thank you for the suggestion, you are correct that the file path needed to change. I’ve provided the correct path, and I’m now able to see data in the Results section of the webpage. However, the Overview and Metadata sections are still blank.

We’re about a third of the way there! Any ideas as to why these two sections are blank?

See blank Overview section:

I was able to resolve this after following Don’s advice and then switching to using Chrome as the browser. Thank you again!

Having same problem, will test these suggestions

By the way, the problem I had was that putting DQD on a port different than 80 did not found the correct file in my server (there is an explicit condition to search for the results.json only if it has no port, it is port 80 or 8080)