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Custom FHIR data to CDM Setup along with Atlas Analysis on top of that

Hi Guys,

We are working to convert our custom FHIR data into CDM and then connect this custom CDM with Atlas to perform analytics on top of that.

We have tried multiple iterations and it is failing in some way or other each time.

Is there somebody available who could do consulting for us and help us to set this up end to end.


Yes, it is likely we can help. I represent a healthcare analytics platform provider that is currently developing a set of turn-key cloud based solutions. Please get in touch with your budget and timeline.

-Dr. Udoshi

HI Umesh,

Here at Odysseus, we have a lot of practical experience with FHIR and OMOM, as well as being active ATLAS developers. We can definitely help. Please feel free to ping me at @gregk (message) or email me at at gregory.klebanov@odysseusinc.com

Thank you,


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Hi Umesh Yadav,

We are a certified SME and have experience doing this conversion in the healthcare system, please contact me for more details.


There are also a number of open source projects that perform the conversion to varying levels of success.

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Hi Umesh,

At the Hyve we offer support for mapping your data to the OMOP CDM. We maintain the OHDSI ETL tooling and have developed our own framework as a flexible way of implementing an ETL to the OMOP CDM. Please get in touch to see what we can do for you!