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Custom Concept set Table in Atlas


(Selva Muthu Kumaran Sathappan) #1

Hello Everyone,

I would like to know whether the below scenario is possible in Atlas table drop down widget.

For example - Our hospital data has few variants of cholestrol measurements. let’s say we have Cholestrol measurement name_A, Cholestrol measurement name_B, Cholestrol measurement name_C, Cholestrol measurement name_D etc.

Currently what we do is identify the concept id for all the above concepts and create a concept set and use it Atlas Measurement_concept_id field. This works fine.

What we are interested is to know whether there is a way to extract only our Cholesterol related measurements (In this case A,B,C,D as given above)? Rather than having to refer all the concepts related to Cholesterol from concepts table.

If I can put it other way, in SQL I use like operator to extract our cholesterol related measurement from ‘Measurement’ table and then get their concept_ids.

Is it possible to do this in Atlas or it is already there in Atlas?

(Christian Reich) #2


This is both an ATLAS and a Vocabulary problem. Currently, we don’t have a good comprehensive hierarchy that allows you to collect Measurements that are equivalent, i.e. where the results are comparable. For example, the following legitimate children of 4299360 SNOMED “Cholesterol measurement” are not comparable:

  • 4008265 SNOMED “Total cholesterol measurement”
  • 2212451 CPT4 “Lipoprotein, direct measurement; LDL cholesterol”
  • 2212449 CPT4 “Lipoprotein, direct measurement; high density cholesterol (HDL cholesterol)”

Bottom line: This is still a manual process of collecting the right Measurements.