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CTSA (NIH) Sites Using Atlas for Self-service Queries

Hello OHDSI Community,

I work at a large academic medical center that is also a CTSA (NIH) site. We are currently using Atlas and OMOP CDM for self-service queries by end-users.

We would like to connect with other similarly-sized OHDSI members who are also CTSA sites and are currently using Atlas for this purpose. We would like to learn from your experiences, challenges, best practices, and outcomes.

If you are willing to share your insights and collaborate with us, please reply to this post or send me a private message.

Thanks for your time,


Hello @JimmyJ ,

The University of Colorado has Atlas and an OMOP CDM, but we currently aren’t allowing end-users access it. However, we might allow self service in the future and want to learn more on what other institutions are doing.

Hello @JimmyJ ,

We are implementing OMOP and Atlas at the NYU Medical Center, and intend to use it for self-service. It would be great to learn from your experiences.

Thank you.