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cTAKES installation issue

Hi All,
I’m reaching out today regarding an issue I’m encountering with my cTAKES installation.
I have successfully installed apache-ctakes version and extracted the corresponding cTAKES resources of version 4.0.0. The whole installation process is present in this following link cTAKES 4.0 User Install Guide - Apache cTAKES - Apache Software Foundation. However, when I attempt to run a text in either runctakesCVD or CAS visualize debugger, I’m encountering the following error, which I have attached as a screenshot.

In addition to the error screenshot, I have observed the following entries in the log file:

I also have a question about UMLS access. Instead of a password, I have an API key. Is this acceptable for working with cTAKES? Additionally, do we need to download the UMLS dictionary and upload it? If so, could someone kindly guide me on where to upload it?

I have double-checked the installation steps and resources, but I seem to be stuck at this point. I would greatly appreciate any insights or suggestions you may have to resolve this issue.