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Creating new vocabularies

(Javier Gracia-Tabuenca) #1

We are thining how to include Finland-specific vocabularies to the CDM and map them to the standard.
Before they are ready and can be send to the Athena team to odfficialy include them, is there a range of concept_ids that we can use for testing with wont conflict with other existing concept_ids.

Even better, is there some gide lines on how to prepare a new vocabulary to be added to the CDM ??


(Christian Reich) #2


Wonderful. Bring it on.

  1. Make a list of concepts. Just a spreadsheet or so, with two columns at minimum: code and description. If you have more information give domain (what kind of thing the concept is), class (if there is some internal classification), life cycle (when code came into being or died).
  2. If you have, provide mapping to standard. At minimum, source_code and OMOP target_concept_id. If you have, what kind of mapping it is (manual vs automated, equivalent vs. fuzzy, etc.)

That’s it. The team will take a look and you guys can start playing ball.