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Creating Cohorts by Importing OnCore data into the CDM?

Hi Community,

We’d like to define subsets of patients in OMOP using protocols defined in our CTMS, OnCore. What we were thinking of doing is importing protocols into the CDM (currently on v5.3.1) in the “COHORT_DEFINITION” table, providing a “cohort_definition_ID” for numerous patients via “SUBJECT_ID” in the “COHORT” table. I’m not sure however if the cohort tables can be used this way, and furthermore, if this would interfere with Atlas, or if this cohort definition would even be usable in Atlas.

Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with this?

Thank you!

It seems like this is EXACTLY what is being tackled by the Clinical Trials working group. I searched for this information by using “cohort” and “cohort_definition” where I should’ve instead started with “Clinical Trials” as my search criteria. Leaving this forum post here just in case others go down this path and need a few breadcrumbs!

This post has been the most helpful as it contains links to the current proposal for modification of the CDM by the working group: