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Creating a new OHDSI repo for Eye Care and Vision WG

Dear OHDSI dev community,

We were wondering if it would be possible to create a new repo for the Eye Care and Vision WG? This forum thread suggests there’s no standardized way to do this, so was hoping to find out here if there’s anyone that might be able to assist.

The repo we’ve made is simply an edited template from another workgroup (thank you, medical imaging). At present, it’s hosted locally (GitHub ; GitHub pages) but it would be great to have this moved to the official OHDSI site.

Many thanks in advance for the help!

(@schuemie I hope you don’t mind the tag, but I saw you’d helped with this previously!)

No problem! I just created OHDSI/EyeCareVisionWG · GitHub for you, and made you admin.

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Great, thank you very much!