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Could Atlas+SQLite handel a 6M patients database? Experiences, alternatives


Has anyone use a medium size CDM database (~6M patiens) based on SQLite.
Hades and Atlas are supose to work, but is the performace affected in a way that make the unusable ?

If not with SQLite, do you have expereience with other serverless databases, such as DuckDB, (supoerted by Hades, not sure if suported by Atlas)?

This is a fascinating question that I was pondering. I have used BigQuery which technically is serverless however I will be really interested in knowing the answer to your question

@schuemie @anthonysena? thoughts?

I don’t think SQLite handles multiple users very well, so that would probably be an issue. SQLite support is primarily intended for simple demonstrations and unit testing, not actual analytics.

I recommend a traditional database platform, for example PostgreSQL.