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Correcting Plausible Values file

An analyst using our data noted bilirubin results in our data as inappropriately showing as out of range. When she looked at the plausible values file, she noted that “the columns seem off by one, e.g., the info in column ConceptName column (D) is the ConceptID, which should be in column C.”

Is this something that I should refer to @clairblacketer or someone else?


Hi @Pulver, thanks for noting this. It would be great if you can open an issue on the DQD Github repo and refer to the specific line in the concept level thresholds file.

Even better if you can make the fix and suggest this through a Pull Request, but this depends a bit on your familiarity with git and Github. But it might be your lucky day, as in the DQD WG call today (Thursday 12th, 1pm ET) Clair is going to take us through the ‘DQD developer guidelines’ which covers how to open a PR as well.

@pulver Can you provide the .csv file name and row where this problem exists. I reviewed OMOP_CDMv5.3.1_Concept_Level.csv and OMOP_CDMv5.4_Concept_Level.csv and do not see the problem. Thanks.