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Converting MedDRA to ICD codes

Hi, could anyone please suggest me any automated tool/system to convert MedDRA codes to ICD-10?
Thanks in advance!


Welcome to the family.

Take the mapping from MedDRA to SNOMED and then go backwards on the mapping from SNOMED to ICD-10. But this is a double hop with one of them going against the one way street. Quality will be so so.

What’s your use case?

Thanks a lot Christian! It seems like I shall need to convert manually.

From a quality perspective, I would suggest you begin manually, if you have to just translate some preferred terms (PTs) - that should not be too time consuming. If you have to translate a basket e.g an SMQ then that will be a bit more challenging depending on whether you are using a narrow or wide basket.

The process is as described by christian above, but you can start with Atlas to get an idea of what you could automate in the future.

The keywords to look for when doing MedDRA to ICD translation is “Non-standard to standard Map” when mapping concepts_ids. Also review chapter 4 and 5 of the “Book of OHDSI”. Hope that helps

Thanks for the tips!

Use the above heuristic, and then fix manually. Saves you 70% of the work.

I am interested in this as well. Have you made any progress since then? Any publication? Thanks

I can suggest SQL, which will convert MeDRA codes to ICD10 with 3 steps:
non-standard MedDRA to standard SNOMED
standard SNOMED to non-standard ICD10
and finally join MedDRA to ICD10

with new_3 as (with new_2 as (with new as (select *
from concept
where vocabulary_id = ‘MedDRA’)
select concept_id, concept_name, concept_id_2, relationship_id
from new
left join concept_relationship
ON concept_id_1 = concept_id
where relationship_id = ‘Maps to’)
select concept_id as concept_id_meddra, concept_name as concept_name_meddra, n.concept_id_2 as snomed_concept_id, c.concept_id_2 as nonstandard_concept_id
from new_2 n
left join concept_relationship c
ON n.concept_id_2 = c.concept_id_1
where c.relationship_id = ‘Mapped from’)
select p.concept_id_meddra, p.concept_name_meddra, p.nonstandard_concept_id as icd_id, c.concept_name as icd_name
from new_3 p
left join concept c
ON p.nonstandard_concept_id = c.concept_id
where vocabulary_id = ‘ICD10’;

I hope this will be helpful!