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Convert German billing data to cost

Hi all,

we try to convert our German billing data to OMOP v3.5.1. In doing so, we identified two problems:

First, we have special DRG codes in Germany which are not equal to DRG US codes. For this reason, we want to create a new vocabulary for German DRG. Until this is achieved, it would be sufficient for us to write the DRG source code to OMOP. Unfortunately the German DRG codes have a length of six. In OMOP only strings of length three are possible in the cost table for drg_source_value. Is a manual adjustment of the length of the data type possible to solve the problem?

The second problem focuses on a special coding in Germany, which is used for billing services (diagnoses, procedures) - the uniform assessment standard (german: Einheitlicher Bewertungsmaßstab (EBM)). Again, we would like to create a new vocabulary for this. However, the OMOP specification for v3.5.1 does not provide a suitable place in the cost table for such information. For US data there are the fields revenue_code_concept_id and revenue_code_source_value. How can we convert our German data into the cost table?


It is OK to Increase the size of the DRG column to 6 characters in your table. But you should not save the German DRG codes in the DRG column because the documentation for the CDM specifically says the DRG is US specific. You should not repurpose columns in the CDM. Instead create a new column for the German DRG codes and if you plan to create concepts for the German DRG codes then add another column for the German DRG concept id. Same logic applies to uniform assessment standard (german: Einheitlicher Bewertungsmaßstab (EBM).

The new columns will be ignored by any OHDSI tools. At the same time you should request and work with the CDM work group to make the concepts of the Revenue Code and DRG broad enough to cover your needs. Changes to the CDM to accommodate data from around the world is a major goal of the CDM work group.

Thank you @DTorok !
Spot on as always!

I have created an issue for the DRG column. For EBM we should further analyse @elisa.henke , if Revenue code is actually the right place to put this.

thanks - Mik

Thank you @DTorok and @mik for your responses.

As @mik described in the issue, I would not create separate German-specific columns in OMOP for DRG codes. Here, the focus should rather be on standardization of DRG data over U.S.-wide data.

For the EBM data, I see the need for new columns just as you do. @mik maybe one of the next OHDSI Germany calls is suitable for this?