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Configuring an ohdsi/webapi (experimental) container

Eventually, my objective is to run atlas, and webapi in the same pod while postgres would be external somewhere, but in the meantime to experiment, I’m simply trying to run them all using docker-compose. I’m having a tough time determining how to configure the ohdsi/webapi container to point to an experimental postgres (in particular, localhost:5432), some docs refer to a settings.xml, but it doesn’t appear to exist

five:ohdsi-in-a-pod jeffw$ docker run -it -u 0 --entrypoint=/bin/bash ohdsi/webapi
root@f4d0235eef9b:/var/lib/ohdsi/webapi# find / -name ‘settings*’ -print

does it need to come from a mapped volume or something? I saw the following in the sample settings xml source

The default location for the settings file is ~/.m2/settings.xml

That would be weird if true, I feel that’s simply an out-of-date comment, and anyway, that doesn’t exist either.