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Configuration page not properly displayed in Atlas

Hi folks,

Anybody happens to know what caused this display issue?

When I am logged on to the Atlas as an admin, click on Configuration and it displays like the screenshot.

I re-git clone atlas code and npm run build and put replace it in Tomcat webapps, it seems not fix it.

Please advise.

Thank you,
R. Z.

In chrome, you ctrl-shift-i to show the developer console where you can see errors. That rendering error could be because there was a fault while it was trying to render, and so you recieved a half-rendered page.

Hi Chris,
Thank you for the advice. Here is the errro message:

The logged on the user has ‘admin’ role (role id=2). I inserted its record into sec_user_role table as:
insert into sec_user_role (user_id, role_id) values (1000, 2) – 1000 is the admin user’s id in sec_user table.

What did I miss?

The file not exists and user is not authenticated is normal: The file not exists is an unavoidable error where we’re attempting to load an optional configuration file from the server, but it is not found, so you get a 404. The ‘user isn’t authenticated’ is normal because when you first launch the app, you aren’t authenticated.

The real error is related to the ‘mismatched closing tag’, which I believe I have heard reported before, but I am not able to reproduce this myself.

Can you confirm a few things:

  1. What version of Atlas and WebAPI do you have installed
  2. Do you have any browser extensions installed that may interfere with the browser rendering a page? Could you attempt to try a different browwser (although only Chrome is supported, this would just be a test).

Hi Chris,

Atlas ver.: 2.12.0 DEV
WebAPI ver.: 2.10.1


The only 2 extensions installed and enabled:

Checked on Ms Edge and same issue:

I think you need webapi v2.11 at least, it could be that the dev version of atlas you are using (v2.12) is trying to access an endpoint that is not available in the 2.10 version of webapi. Could you try to install v2.11 of both atlas and webapi? Then we can see about going to a dev version of atlas/webapi…but I think you should try to get the full release versions up and running first

Thank you, Chris!!! I will give it try soon.

Another question is about the installation of Atlas. The guide says:

  1. download the current release (atlas.zip)
  2. unzip
  3. from its root, run `npm run build’

When doing this, It not only complains about missing package.json but also optimize.js. (I know package.js can be downloaded it from github), so I just checkout the code (master) from github and run it.

What is the right way to do this? Or the guide misses some important info?

Thank you,
R. Z.


Try downloading the source code (zip) file, not the atlas.zip file. I checked the atlas.zip file, and you’re right, some files are missing…I need to check with the team to understand what builds the atlas.zip file and why it is missing files.

Thank you Chris!

R. Z.