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Condition upward mapping or unmapping?

  1. If we can’t find the exactly mapping concept, for now, we did upward mapping. Our current solution is ignoring the modifiers, like stages, position, laterality. Whether this is ok or not?
  2. For ‘Postoperative endometrial cancer’, now we marked unable to map. Or can we map to ‘endometrial cancer’+’ Postoperative’?
  3. For’ Pulmonary infection?’, now we marked unable to map. Or can we map to ‘Pulmonary infection’+’ Suspicious ’?
  4. For’ Bronchiectasis with hemoptysis’, now we marked unable to map. Or can we map to ‘Bronchiectasis’+’ hemoptysis ’?
  5. For’ Sellar region lesion’, now we marked unable to map. Or can we do upward mapping to ‘brain lesion’? Is there a boundary between upward mapping and unmapping?
  6. For’ Recurrence of postoperative ovarian cancer after chemotherapy’, now we marked unable to map. Or can we map to ‘postoperative ovarian cancer’+’ ovarian cancer after chemotherapy ’+’ Recurrence of ovarian cancer’?

(Christian Reich) #2


Just “endometrial cancer”. The fact that there was an operation should be a record in the PROCEDURE_OCCURRENCE table, it has nothing to do with a Condition.

Take Infectious disease of lung.

Yes. They are two parallel conditions.

What is that? A report from imaging? A stroke diagnosis? A tumor diagnosis?

Nicely put indeed! Yes, at some point the upward mapping becomes useless.

Lots in here:

  • Recurrence: Disease episode: Disease Recurrence. We are working on those in the Oncology WG. But this moment it only exists as an OBSERVTION record Recurrence in the OMOP CDM.
  • Postoperative and chemotherapy: As above. These are records in different tables.
  • Ovarian cancer: This is the only real Condition here: Primary malignant neoplasm of ovary.

(Jeremy Warner) #3

Hi, you might want to check out the Context class in the HemOnc vocabulary for #2. Specifically, there is a “Post-definitive therapy” concept that can capture the postoperative setting. The definitive therapy in this case would be the endometrial cancer surgery, presumably. If the surgery was not definitive (such as suboptimal debulking of ovarian cancer) the concept doesn’t quite fit, but I think it is in the direction of where you want to head.