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Condition_status and source_value/ concept_id fields for survey data


(Selva) #1

Hello Everyone,

We have survey data which has questions like

Do you have T2DM? / Do you have Hypertension? along with a approximate date.

Can I know what kind of values go in the condition_status_source_value or condition_status_concept_id?


I did refer the CDM doc https://github.com/OHDSI/CommonDataModel/blob/master/OMOP_CDM_v6_0.pdf

q1) I know that condition_source_concept_id corresponds to ICD9,10,READ etc but in my case for survey data, can there be any standard? or is it right to key in the most commonly followed standard in my region?

q2) What type of value goes in for condition_status_source_value?

q3) What is the appropriate value for condition_type_concept_id? I see in doc we have Primary and Secondary diagnosis. Am I right to key in as Secondary diagnosis for survey data?


(Eduard Korchmar) #2


  1. In ideal case we always try to standardize all Condition vocabularies to SNOMED concepts. For T2DM and Hypertension you could use 201826 and 316866 respectively.

If survey questions and answers themselves do not have representation in vocabularies, you can use standard concepts id both for condition_source_concept_id and condition_concept_id.

  1. There is no special set of concepts to be used as statuses (as this is the case for condition types). You could use one of subtypes of SNOMED concept Qualifier for type of diagnosis. 4032659 Established diagnosis seems correct for the case.

  2. I believe for survey data the most appropriate condition_type_concept_id would be 45905770 Patient Self-Reported Condition.