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Condition occurrence records outside valid observation period


(Tarun Shah) #1

If patient visit doctor after 2 days with chief complaint of fever. Then in that case condition_start_date should be of 2 days prior to visit_start_date and if we calculate observation period with this case then Achillies giving error of condition occurrence records outside valid observation period.

any thoughts or solution of this problem?

(Anna Ostropolets) #2

Interesting. How do you capture those two days? As notes?
From what I understand, you can’t conceptually put the start date before the visit because this is not something that was observed. The patient could’ve lied, got it wrong or else. So you presumably what to distinguish the records that are somehow reliable (e.g. observed by a clinician) and the records that are less reliable (e.g. self-reported, history of etc.).
If this assumption is true, then you can handle the situation in a number of ways: just drop these 2 days and set start_date to visit_date. Or you can put history of fever 2 days prior to the visit_date.