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Concept relationship issue - NDC to standard concept

(Shinjinaka) #1

I used the concept_relationship to map NDC to standard concept.
When I compared the source description and mapped NDC description, the mapping seems fine.
However, the NDC description and “Maps to” concept_name seems not make sense.
Please check the attached file.

OHDSI_concept_relationship_need_fix.xlsx (12.0 KB)

(Melanie Philofsky) #2

You should post this to the Vocabulary Users category. You’ll get a quicker reply from knowledgeable persons.

(Alexander Davydov) #3

Hi @shinjinaka,
This is probably an NDC code reuse issue.
The problem is we still cannot identify 2 reliable sources with a different meaning.
Your descriptions match the current ones in the NDC source, so we will need to update the mappings.
Can you please provide MIN and MAX event dates associated with these codes/descriptions?
Is this a full list?

(Shinjinaka) #4

This data is coming from outpatient prescription database. Physician enter prescription, and system picks up a NDC associated with the medication description/code. Having the same description that OMOP has gives us confident to use the NDC for mapping.

The problem is “Maps to” RxNorm description doesn’t match with “Mapped from” NDC description.

Do you need MIN and MAX event dates for validation purpose? Although I can provide the MIN and MAX event dates associated with these codes/descriptions, this data is not dispensing records. Each description tight with one NDC. Thus, I am not sure you should use the data to determine valid starts date and end dates.

Please let me know if you still need the dates data.

(Alexander Davydov) #5

Exactly, the current mappings for these NDCs with current descriptions are wrong, except those that mapped to ‘Multivitamin preparation Oral Tablet’.

Yes, please. We will not use them as a reference at this point. Just to find any patterns.