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Concept recommended table data generation

Hi @aostropolets,

We are trying out PHOEBE 2.0 implementation in Atlas and for that we need to have concept_recommended table within our CDM tables.
Is there a source code or package to generate recommended concepts for this table? or is there any updates to the already existing concept_recommended table data from this post here.

Thank you

Right now the current version of the concept_recommender file in your link is up-to-date. We’re working on making the code public as well.

In the patient context part, we used multiple data sources to generate recommendations (and aggregate across them) and if you would like to run the code to feed the recommendations produced at your instance to the overall poll we would very much welcome that :slight_smile:

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Hi @aostropolets

Thank you very much for the reply. As of now, we will proceed with this concept_recommended table.

For the Patient context, we would like to run the code and see what recommendations it would produce. We would very much like to add to the existing one.

Thank you