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Concept mapping - Help required


(Selva) #1

Hello Everyone,

a) We are mapping a set of conditions from diabetes specialist center. I came across a term called Preparatory care for dialysis in the list of conditions.

Is this even a condition? this looks like procedure

Should I just map this to dialysis?

b) Another question is regarding lab test mapping

I have Glucose,Fasting venous and Glucose, Random Venous but I could find concept id - 3037187

Is it okay to have the same concept for both Random and Fasting? I couldn’t find anything for random

But the synonym of this concept (3037187) had random keyword in it

Am not from medical domain, so can you help me find out which would be the right OMOP term to map to this?


(Polina Talapova) #2


  1. Preparatory care for dialysis - it is not a condition, you are right. But “Preparatory care for dialysis” is not equal to Dialysis proper. There is only one way to map such a concept. You need to use a combination of relationships “Maps to” (identifying the main idea) and “Maps to value” (identifying its value).

Maps to 4075193 223495004 Preparation of patient for procedure (Observation domain)
Maps to value 4032243 108241001 Dialysis procedure (Procedure domain)

  1. It is a bad idea to use the same concept for random and fasting glucose measurements. Random glucose is measured in a non-fasting subject, meanwhile fasting glucose taken from a person who hasn’t eaten at least 8 hours.

For random glucose you may use a bit generic, but quite good SNOMED concept:
4153111 271061004 Random blood glucose measurement