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Concept - Long term care facility

(tatyana sandler) #1

Hi! Does anyone have a recommendation on how to best represent “long term care facility” with a omop standard concept in the context of a person who is currently living at a long term care facility. Initially, I thought it was straightforward to use SNOMED’s “Long term care facility” concept but when in the omop vocabulary, it is considered non-standard so I wanted to take a step back and get more feedback from the community if anyone has thoughts. Thank you very much!

(Melanie Philofsky) #2

Hi @sandlert,

I would use concept_id = 37109035, Long term custodial care facility patient. It is a standard concept in the Observation domain.

(Alexander Davydov) #3

This fact is supposed to be a record in the VISIT_OCCURRENCE table. So how about mapping to the following concepts in Visit Domain?

(Melanie Philofsky) #4

To add to @Alexdavv reply:

If you have a start and end date for the Person’s stay at the Long Term Care Facility, then you would add this as a Visit record in the CDM.

If you have the fact a Person lives/stays at a Long Term Care Facility, then you have an Observation record for the CDM.

(tatyana sandler) #5

Very helpful. Thank you both!

(Christian Reich) #6

Wait, @sandlert.

Sounds right.

You can do that, but it won’t do you any good, because nobody is going to look into the OBSERVATION table for this information. You’d have to create a visit and make your best guess for the timing.