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Comprehensive procedure mapping from Epic

We, i.e., Clark Evans, Kyrylo Simonov, and Jared Houghtaling, are looking for a reference that supports comprehensive mapping of procedures from Epic source values to OMOP standard concepts. Those identified in Epic Clarity tables as CPT codes are already handled. We are interested in a guide to mapping the rest. We know that each Epic instance will vary with respect the specific breadcrumbs captured in Clarity to do this. That said, any approach other than powering through Usagi would be helpful to broadcast for Epic users in the OHDSI community.

We have consulted the very helpful prior Epic ETLs. (Thanks to all who have generously made those available in Epic UserWeb!). Further Epic UserWeb searches haven’t yielded much but we may have missed hidden gems there. I also didn’t find anything in the minutes and files in the always excellent OHDSI Healthcare Systems Interest Group, but again, I might have missed something.

I’m hoping that Melanie Philofsky, Maxim Moinat, Don Torok or some other OHDSI Epic ETL savant might offer advice. Obviously, we are not suggesting that mappings containing Epic IP be shared here. Everything should go or stay in Epic UserWeb. The only thing to put here is indications of what might be useful and where to find it.

I’m also hoping Andy might know whether there are references for IMO code mappings that could help with this or what the best approach would be to do as comprehensive approach as possible from IMO concepts in Epic to standard procedure codes.

Thanks in advance!


Andrew, are you mostly talking about EAP records from Epic, or procedures in general (including labs and flowsheet procedures)?

@Andrew Did someone answer this question?