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Compile error for WebAPI in Eclipse

Hi Everybody,

I’m working on getting started with WebAPI development. I’m able to clone and build the main branch from the command line, but I get errors importing the project into eclipse.

When the project is first imported I get this error message about a problem with the gmaven-plugin:1.5.

When the project finishes importing I am left with the following Java compile errors.

The errors persist if I select one of the MVN profiles.

I’m not sure if the two are related???

I get errors if I try to install this:

This installs but I still get the same errors:

Has anyone else seen this in Eclipse?

A complete minimum example that gives this error is provided here:
NACHC-CAD/eclipse-compile-error-example: eclipse-compile-error-example (github.com)

This project compiles with MVN

This project does not compile in Eclipse

More information here: