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Communications / Building Twitter Outreach

(Craig Sachson) #1

Hi everybody,
I have recently joined Columbia DBMI in the newly created Director of Communications position, and one of my major responsibilities will be to grow the communications efforts of OHDSI. I have worked in the communications field for 20+ years, and while I don’t have a scientific background, I’m looking forward to assisting both the inward and outward communications for OHDSI.

One area I’d like to build on is our Twitter outreach. I know that some of you aren’t on Twitter, but I want to make sure we are both following and being followed by as many active Twitter users in the community as possible. I’m planning to have the @OHDSI account far more active moving forward, and your retweets can get the word out to others who may not be familiar with the community. On the same token, we want to follow you and stay updated on what you are doing.

Could you please make sure you follow OHDSI, and if we are not currently following you, can you either reply to this topic with your Twitter handle or email it to me directly at sachson@ohdsi.org? @Patrick_Ryan and I spoke about some potential ideas for using Twitter in the future, and we’d like to get these out to as large an audience as possible.

I look forward to working with you all,